• Advanced Program

  • Wednesday, June 26

    Opening 1:45pm

    Session 1 - 2pm -> 3:30pm
    3D Design and Circuits for Heterogeneous Integration
    Christian Val, 3D Plus,
    "TSV versus TPV for Sip Applications"
    Uwe Köchel and Andy Heinig, FhG IIS,
    "Design methods and Tools for 2.5D Interposerdesign - Demonstrated on an Interposer for WideIO Memory/Processor Integration"
    Laurent Dussopt, CEA-Leti,
    "Millimeter-Wave Transceiver Module Integration in 3D Silicon Interposer Technology"
    Dinesh Pamunuwa, Bristol University,
    "System Performance Analysis for Heterogeneous 3-D ICs and Emerging Technologies"
    Session 2 - 4pm -> 5:45pm
    Advances in 3D technology and CAD
    Gerd Schlottig, IBM Zurich,
    "Future Micropocessor package architectures -- trends, tasks, technologies
    Frank Lee, TSMC,
    "3D ICs: Overcoming the Barriers in Designing ICs in a New Dimension"
    Brendan Farley, Xilinx,
    "High Performance Heterogeneous Integration through Die Stacking"
    Kazunari Koga, Zuken,
    "The Next Generation EDA System for 3D Design"

    Gala dinner in Grenoble down-town

  • Thursday, June 27

    Opening 8:45am

    Session 3 - 9 am -> 10:30 am
    3D State of Arts
    Georg Kimmich, ST Ericsson
    "3D – What Next"
    Axel Janch , KTH,
    "Configuration and placement in NoC based 3D stacks"
    Ravi Varadarajan, Atrenta,
    "Design enablement of fine-grained partitioned 3D-ICs with high density inter-die interconnects"
    Session 4 - 11 am -> 12:40pm
    3D Architecture Design for Computing
    Eric Flamand, ST Microelectronics,
    "P2012: A New Multi-Core Platform"
    Valentin Puente Varona, UNICAN,
    "Core fusion through 3D stacking"
    Christian Weis, University of Kaiserslautern,
    "Variation-aware Power Prediction of (3D)-DRAMs"
    Frederic Petrot, TIMA,
    "Cost-Efficient Buffer Sizing in Shared-Memory 3D-MPSoCs Using Wide I/O Interfaces"
    Eric Guthmuller, CEA-Leti
    "Adaptive cache architecture exploiting 3D stacking in a manycore context"
    Session 5 - 2:10pm -> 3:30pm
    Thermal simulations and design aware in 3D ICs
    Ayse Coskun, Boston university,
    "3D Stacking as an Enabler for Low-Power High-Performance Computing"
    Ridha Hamza, Docea,
    "Modeling and simulating dynamic thermal management of 3DIC designs"
    Arvind Sridhar, EPFL,
    "GreenCool: an energy-efficient design method for liquid-cooled 3D MPSoCs"
    Pablo Garcia Del Valle, UCM - Madrid,
    "Simulation, cosimulation, emulation."
    Session 6 - 4pm -> 5:30pm
    3D Verification, Test and Design for Test
    Stephane Guilhot, STEricsson,
    “3D-DFT challenges and results for a 3D-circuit including a WideIO compatible memory"
    Juergen Schloeffel, Mentor Graphics
    "3D DFT solution for Heterogeneous -Technology Assemblies"
    Bernhard Lorenz, Multitest,
    "Test Strategies for 3D ICs – Is KGD Good Enough? Is there a KGD?"
    Giorgio Di Natale, LIRMM,
    "Manufacturing Test of 3D Stacked ICs: Problems, Solutions and Standards"

  • Friday, June 28

    Opening 8:45am

    Session 7 - 9am -> 10:30am
    Design Strategies for 3D IC
    Luca Benini, University of Bologna & ETHZ,
    "Making 3D happen, one Platform at a Time"

    Paul Franzon, NCSU,
    "Early Design for 3DIC"
    Davide Bertozzi, University of Ferrara,
    "Illuminating Future 3D Architectures with Optical Networks-on-Chip"
    Session 8 - 11am -> 12:30am
    3D CAD & Design Flows
    Alexis Farcy, ST Microelectronics,
    "Technology and design solutions for 3D integration platform performance assessment"
    Steve Smith, Synopsys,
    "3D-IC Design Flow: Ready for Take-off"
    Sedrak Sargisian, Mentor Graphics,
    "3D Physical Verification & parasitic extraction for Heterogeneous - Technology Assemblies"
    Anna Fontanelli, Monozukuri,
    "IC-Interposer-Package Co-Design to the Rescue"
    Gérald Cibrario, CEA-Leti,
    "Fast iteration between 3D technology and design through a PDK generator"

  • Lunch will be served on Thursday and Friday

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