• CEA-Leti, a world-class center for applied research in the fields of microelectronics, information technology, and technology for healthcare, will hold the 15th Leti Annual Review on June 25–26, 2013, during the Leti Innovation Days conference.

    The first day will consist of plenary sessions, with high-level speakers delivering their strategic insight into the future of technology in a broad range of industries. The second day, organized as a series of parallel sessions, will offer up workshops on specific technology-related topics like Global Security, Healthcare, Green IT, and New Developments in Advanced Microelectronics.
    As always, the Leti Annual Review will bring together high-tech business executives, technology decision makers, and researchers for a full program of high-level presentations and networking. “The Leti Annual Review provides a unique opportunity for high-tech business leaders and researchers to discuss the technological innovations that will shape our future,” said Bruno Paing, VP Sales and Marketing at CEA-Leti. And, for the first time this year, the Leti Annual Review will be coupled with the new Leti Innovation Days, offering even more opportunities to network and build relationships that span technology research and industry.
  • Preliminary Program

    15th Leti ANNUAL REVIEW

    June, Tuesday 25th

    10:00 – 12:35 | auditoriumChairman: Laurent Malier, CEO

    ENVISIONING THE FUTURE: Leaders from the world of industry will provide insight into the technological innovations that will shape the future.

    10:00 Laurent Malier, CEO, Leti
    Envisioning the future with Leti

    10:25 Khalil Rouhana, Components & Systems Director, European Commission
    The European Commission Microelectronics strategy

    10:50 Luc Meysenc, CTO, Schneider Electric
    Energy Management and internet of things

    11:15 Break

    11:45 Maya Said, Sanofi Vice President Strategy, Science Policy & External Innovation – Global R&D
    Can technology bridge the innovation gap in healthcare?

    12:10 Philippe Dejean, Safran Group - Morpho CTO
    Perspectives on Aviation security and explosive detection with Xray

    12:35 Lunch
    14:00 - 15h00 | auditoriumChairman: Laurent Malier, CEO
    ENVISIONING THE FUTURE: Leaders from the world of industry will provide insight into the technological innovations that will shape the future.

    14:00 Yang Du, Director Engineering, Qualcomm Research
    Building the biggest technology platform of mankind

    14:30 Handel Jones, Founder and CEO of International Business Strategies
    Globalization of Technology Innovation: What are the Implications for the Future?

    15:00 – 16:20 | auditoriumChairman: Pierre Damien Berger, VP Business Development & Communication

    ENABLING THE FUTURE: Get insider information about Leti’s latest technological developments and the key enabling technologies that will drive advancements in a broad range of sectors.

    15:00 Ahmed Jerraya, Research Director, Program Manager SoC HW/SW integration, CEA-Leti
    Semiconductor technologies to enable green computing for Horizon 2020

    15:20 Alexandre Thermet, Business Development Manager, In vitro diagnostic, CEA-Leti
    Biomed, health & wellness

    15:40 Laurent Olmedo, Global security research program manager, CEA
    Global security research at CEA, the development of innovative technologies against CBRN-E threats

    16:00 Olivier Faynot, Microelectronic Component Section Manager, CEA-Leti
    Advanced microelectronics for future Power efficient circuits

    16:30 Break

    17:00 – 18:00 | auditoriumChairman: Philippe Ruffin, Startup Program


    BUILDING THE HIGH-TECH BUSINESS OF THE FUTURE: Whether it is through patent licenses, joint labs, or spinoffs, Leti actively supports the creation of value and jobs by supporting promising new high-tech businesses.

    17:00 Philippe Ruffin, Startup program manager, CEA-Leti

    18:00 – 18:45 | auditoriumChairman: Marc Pircher, CNES



    18:00 Marc Pircher, Head of Toulouse Space Center, France (CNES)
    Innovation to industrialization: the space example

    20:00 | Fantin Latour Grenoble

    June, Wednesday 26th

    9:00 – 17:30 | Room 221Chairman / Moderator: Alain Merle

    A - Safety & Security: Protecting our Citizens and Infrastructures

    • How technology can help protect our citizens against security risks
    • The use of emerging technologies in counterterrorism activities
    • Two-for-one technologies for security and environmental monitoring

    09:05 - Laurent Olmedo, CEA: The great challenges in CBRN-E detection and identification
    09:35 - Guillaume Delapierre, CEA-Leti, Biothreat detection systems: from sampling to integrated sample prep
    10:05 - Emmanuelle Schultz, CEA-Leti: Bacterial threat detection and identification
    10:35 - BREAK

    11:05 - TbC,
    APIX Technology: Chemical and explosive threats
    11:35 - Francis Glasser, CEA-Leti: Chemical and explosive threats
    12:05 - Francois Simoens, CEA-Leti: Thz spectro-imaging applied to explosives and illicit agent detection
    12:35 - LUNCH

    14:05 - Christophe Fontaine,
    THALES: Imaging for defense and safety
    14:35 - Philipe Duluc, BULL: Cyber-security: a global approach to reduce emerging cyber-risk
    15:05 - Dominique Noguet, CEA-Leti: A TVWS dependable communication system for first responder assistance
    15:35 - BREAK

    16:05 - Alain Merle,
    CEA-Leti: Security of industrial systems
    16:35 - Christine Hennebert, CEA-Leti: Security management for a large scale deployment in the city : Security in the Internet of things
    17:05 - Jacques Fournier, CEA-Leti: Hardware integrity : from design to characterisation
    9:00 – 17:30 | Room 222-224Chairman / Moderator: Coralie Gallis

    B - Environment & Health: Living well through technology
    • Industrial water monitoring and treatment, a boon for process control
    • Improving the quality of life of chronic disease patients
    • New materials and biosensors, the keys to living better


    09:05 - François Tardieu, INRA: High throughput phenotyping of plant responses to temperature and water deficit
    09:35 - Yves de Coulon & Christophe Le Toullec, VEOLIA: Vision on water management
    10:15 - Christophe Graffin, SmartINST: First technology of embeded measurement for process control

    10:35 - BREAK

    11:05 -
    Pierre Marcoux, CEA-Leti: Rapid phenotypic methods in microbiological analysis
    11:35 - Cédric Allier, CEA-Leti: Lens Free Imaging for Process Control
    12:05- Sylvie Joly, CEA-Leti: Optical sensors monitoring
    12:35 - LUNCH

    14:05 - Frank Simonis, Nanodialysis: Artificial Kidney Management
    14:35 - Marilyne Cosnier, CEA-Leti: Blood monitoring for artificial liver
    15:05 - Eleonore-Maeva Doron, CEA-Leti: Diabetic monitoring
    15:35 - BREAK

    16:00 -
    Laurent Apert, URGO : New bandage & nemo manufacturing plant
    16:35 - Martin Deterre, SORIN: Cardiac implant : miniaturisation-energy harvesting
    17:05 - Gaelle Saint-Auret, Société GENEL & CEA: Future in Care: new methods for biotherapy
    17:35 - END
    9:00 – 17:30 | Petit SalonChairman / Moderator: Ahmed Jerraya

    C - Green IT: Good for the environment, great for business
    Fabrication Technology Approaches to Energy
    09:05 - Scott Lunning, GF USA, FDSOI for low power CMOS in 28nm and beyond
    09:35 - Gabriel Pares, CEA-LETI, CEA-Leti: 3D Interposer for Si Photonics.
    10:05 - Jean-Marc Fedeli, CEA-Leti: Si photonics for energy efficient Interconnect
    10:35 - BREAK

    Devices and IC technologies to Energy-Efficiency

    11:05 - Yang Du,
    Director Engineering, Qualcomm Research, USA, "Advanced semiconductor for Fabless"
    11:35 - Pascal Vivet, CEA-Leti: Full design flow to handle 3D IC and TSV
    12:05 - Sylvie Menezo, CEA-Leti: Energy efficient Optical Interconnects
    12:35 - LUNCH

    SoC Architecture Approaches to Energy-Efficiency

    14:00 -
    Welcome (chairman)
    14:05 - Philippe Flatresse, ST: Frisbee, an ultra low power reconfigurable FDSOI IC
    14:35 - Ghislain Kaiser, Docea Power: Thermal analysis for 3D Integration
    15:05 - Yvain Thonnart, CEA-Leti: Tightly-coupled optical communications for massively parallel computing systems
    15:35 - BREAK

    System Approaches to Energy-Efficiency

    16:05 Sylvain Paineau, Schneider Electric: Energy efficient Sensor Networks for Building
    16:35 - Pascal Urard, ST: Autonomous wireless sensor node
    17:05 - François Pacull, CEA-Leti: Energy efficient Middleware for Sensor Networks
    17:20 - Mickael Maman, CEA-Leti: Energy efficient protocols for sensor network
    17:35 - END

    9:00 – 17:30 | AuditoriumChairman / Moderator: Simon Deleonibus
    D - Nanoelectronics: Generic Enabling Technologies and Architectures
    Paving the way to Nanometer Level and 3D Integrations

    09:00 - Welcome (Simon Deleonibus)
    09:05 - Yan Bodorovsky (Intel), Lithography Options for Future Logic ICs
    09:35 - Raluca Tiron (CEA-Leti), Direct Self Assembly Lithography
    10:05 - Hervé Fontaine (CEA-Leti), « Molecular Contamination and FOUPs »
    10:35 - BREAK

    11:05 - David Cooper (CEA-Leti), Field mapping in semiconductor devices by transmission electron microscopy
    11:35 - Samuel Sonderegger (CEO ATTOLIGHT), Cathodoluminescence and applications in micro & nano-technologies
    12:05 - Ionit Radu (SOITEC) New 3D Approches
    12:35 LUNCH

    New Routes to Low Power and High Performance

    14:00 - Welcome (Simon Deleonibus)
    14:05 - Frédéric Boeuf (ST Microelectronics) FDSOI from research to production transfer
    14:35 - Véronique Carron (CEA-Leti) Source and drain architectures for FDSOI
    15:05 - Tsu-Jae King-Liu( UC Berkeley),TFET & Mech. Nano-mechanical Switches for Energy-Efficient Computing
    15:35 - BREAK

    16:05 - Cyrille le Royer (LETI/DCOS) Tunneling Field Effect Transistors
    16:35 - Lionel C. Kimmerling (MIT) Challenges for the Future of Silicon Photonics
    17:05 - Laurent Fulbert (LETI/DOPT), Silicon  Photonics and Optical

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