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    CEA-Leti is hosting its second workshop on innovative imaging technologies at MINATEC on Friday, June 28, 2013.
    Being a key player in imaging, CEA-Leti has built a world-class scientific, technological and human environment around its imaging platform, providing manufacturers, universities and laboratories.
    Leti’s imaging expertise covers the infrared and the visible spectrum, and extends to the fields of millimetric, terahertz and X-ray imaging. Active in rupture-imaging concepts ranging from growth of the base materials to characterization of the final imagers, and including the integration of optics and on chip functions and processing, Leti’s imaging platform offers a unique range of imaging opportunities.
    This workshop will explore the latest achievements and will attempt to figure out the major forthcoming challenges in imaging : “Imagine imaging”.
    It will also feature invited presentations by leaders in imaging technology manufacturer and industrials that apply imaging sensors, including STMicroelectronics, Sofradir, ULIS, e2V, Trixell, Siemens, Schneider.
  • Preliminary program

    9:00 Introduction - Bruno Mourey (Leti DOPT)
    9:10 From X-rays up to Terahertz imaging technologies, latest development at Leti-
    François Simoens
    9:40 Optical imaging for Health application Pr. Wilfried Uhring (University of Strasbourg)
    10:05 CMOS image sensors fish market : Catch of the day. Marc Vasseur (ST)
    10:30   BREAK
    11:00 Embedded algorithms / Smart sensors  answer a large spectrum of growing applications -
    Antoine Dupret (Leti-DACLE)
    11:30 Smart imaging sensor for industrial/buildings applications -
    Gilles Chabanis (Schneider Electric)
    11:55 Imaging for robotics -
    Rodolphe Gelin (Aldebaran Robotics)
    12:20 LUNCH

    14:00 IPhotonis advanced digital solutions for extreme low light level applications,
    Franck Rober
    t, (PHOTONIS France)
    14:25 A new market for IR imaging technology: the thermal sensors array -
    Emmanuel Bercier (ULIS)
    14:50 Imaging the universe -
    Pierre-Olivier Lagage (CEA-DSM-IRFU)
    15:20 BREAK
    15:50 Healthcare trends, medical X-ray imaging, chances and challenges for next generation detectors -
    Martin Spahn (Siemens)
    16:15 Leti -Sofradir high performance IR Imaging developments -
    Olivier Gravrand (Leti DOPT)
    16:50 CCD and CMOS technologies enable high performance Imaging applications -
    Thierry Ligozat (Head of Image Sensor Design team)
    17:15 Conclusive words-
    François Simoens - Bruno Mourey (Leti-DOPT)
    17:30 END

  • You can consult the list of participants here
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