• Join us for the 1st International Workshop on Nanopackaging!

    LETI, IEEE CPMT (France Section) and IMPAS France announce the 1st International Workshop Nanopackaging. The workshop’s goal is to define areas where new nanotechnology developments can enhance performance while decreasing the size of electronic components and systems. The use of silicon as a substrate for the placement of nano-objects and the development of novel materials for interconnection, such as carbon based nanotubes or biologically inspired materials are two subject areas that can be considered as a new domain of research and development, nanopackaging.
  • Advanced Program
    June 27

    Welcome introduction
    Gilles Poupon, Xavier Baillin, CEA-Leti (France)

    Session 1 – Design and modeling
    10.30Design and modeling tools for NanoPackaging
    Christopher Bailey, University of Greenwich (UK)

    Coffee Break ----------------------------------------------------------------
    11.0011.30Utilization of Peridynamic Theory for Modeling at the Nano-scale
    Erkan Oterkus, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (UK)
    11.3012.00Thermo-mechanical reliability issues in complex micro- and nano- electronic assemblies: a methodological approach
    Hélène Fremont, IMS Bordeaux (France)

    Lunch -------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Session 2 – Advanced nano-interconnections and nano-based devices
    14.0014.45Ultra High density carbon nanotubes for advanced interconnects and thermal management
    Jean Dijon, CEA-Liten (France)
    14.4515.10Bottom-up assembly of functional molecular nanostructures
    Leonard Grill, Max Planck Institute (Germany)
    15.1015.35DNA-directed assembly for nano-circuits and metallization processes
    Ariana Filoramo, CEA / DSM (France)

    Coffee Break -----------------------------------------------------------------
    16.0516.30Fabrication of three-dimensional electrical connections by means of directed actin self-organization
    Manuel Thery, CEA – CNRS, iRTSV (France)
    16.3016.55Surface-state engineering for interconnects on H-passivated Si(100),
    Roberto Robles, CSIC – ICN, Bellaterra (Spain)
    16.5517.20Direct Integration of Carbon Nanotubes in Si Microsystems,
    Knut Aasmundtveit, Vestfold University College (Norway)

    June 28

    8.30          Introduction, Gilles Poupon, Xavier Baillin, CEA-Leti (France)

    Session 3 – Nanoscale manufacturing
    8.309.15Nanopackaging requirements for atomic scale circuits and molecule-machines,
    Christian Joachim, CEMES/CNRS (France)
    9.159.45Mechanical Atom Manipulation (and The Trouble with Tips)
    Philip Moriarty, University of Nottingham (UK)
    9.4510.10High resolution STM characterisation of dangling bond nanostructures fabricated on UHV de-bonded Si(001):Hx wafers,
    Marek Szymonski, Jagiellonian University (Poland)
    10.1010.303D atomic-scale devices
    Michelle Simmons, University of New South Wales (Australia)

    Coffee Break -----------------------------------------------------------------
    11.0011.25Single crystal Au triangles as reconfigurable contacts for atomically smooth surfaces : Ultra High Vacuum transfer printing
    Cedric Troadec, A*STAR (Singapore)
    11.2511.50Sorting, placing and anchoring nano-objects on a large scale with nanometric precision
    Jean Pierre Cloarec, Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France)
    11.5012.30Packaging for molecular electronics: Towards a Micro-Nano Interposer,
    Aurélie Thuaire, CEA-LETI (France)

    Lunch --------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Session 4 –CNT in nanopackaging
    14.0014.45Energy efficient nano-based thermal packaging,
    Johan Liu, Chalmers University of Technology (Sweeden)
    14.4515.10Carbon nanostructures based RF nanopackaging. Application to thermal and interconnect management
    Dominique Baillargeat, CINTRA / CNRS (Singapore)
    15.1015.35Packaging of SWCNT in Transparent Inorganic Polymers and their Applications in Electronics and Optoelectronics
    Radhaballadh Debnath, Jadavpur University (India)
    15.3516.00Novel Nanostructured Passive Components for RF and Power Applications,
    Pulugurtha Raj, Georgia Tech (USA)
    16.0016.10Closing remarks

    Early registration ends May 31, 2013

  • Contacts and chairs

    Gilles Poupon (gilles.poupon@cea.fr) - Xavier Baillin (xavier.baillin@cea.fr)
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  • Keynote Papers

    Chris Bailey
    University of Greenwich
    Title : Design and modeling tools for NanoPackaging Current Status and Future Developments
    Chris Bailey is professor of Computational Mechanics and Reliability, and director of the Computational Mechanics and Reliability Group at the University of Greenwich. He is a member of the NAFEMS Multi-Physics Modelling working group, represents Europe on the board of governors of IEEE-CPMT, is a member of the INEMI Roadmap team, Chair of the UK&RI IEEE CPMT/Reliability chapter, and an associate editor of the IEEE CPMT Transactions. Chris is a member of a number of IEEE conference committees which includes EuroSime, ESTC and EPTC. Key industrial links include Mentor Graphics, Selex-Galileo, GE-Aviation - Newmarket, Dynex Semiconductors, Semelab, Rolls Royce, Henkel, EADS, SSE, and MBDA. He has published over 200 papers in the field of modeling and simulation of micro-technology based processes and products.

    Johan Liu
    Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
    Title : Energy efficient nano-based thermal packaging
    Dr Johan Liu graduated with a master and Ph D degree in materials science from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. Before joining Chalmers University of Technology, he served in various positions at the Swedish National Institute for Production Research (IVF) as project manager, group leader and division manager. He is currently a professor and head of Bio Nano Systems Laboratory, Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience in Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden as well as a special recruited professor at Shanghai University, China. As a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and a fellow of IEEE, he has published 2 books, 385 papers in journals, proceedings and 15 book chapters with a Hirsch index of 20 and with an citation of over 1300 times, He has 30 patents accepted or filed and has given about 40 key note/invited talks during the last 20 years. He has also received many awards including IEEE Exceptional Technical Achievement Award, IEEE CPMT Transaction Best paper Award in “Advanced Packaging”. He also serves as associate editor for IEEE CPMT Transactions, on the scientific advisory board for Henkel, Pacific regions and as board member for SHT Smart High Tech AB and as chairman for 3Dtro AB, both spin-offs from Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg University, Sweden.

    Jean Dijon
    CEA/Liten Department of NanoMaterials, Grenoble France
    Title : Ultra High density carbon nanotubes for advanced interconnects and thermal management
    Dr. Jean DIJON was born in 1955. He is graduated from "Institut National Polytechnique of Grenoble" (specialty physics) in 1979 with an Engineer degree. He earned his PhD "Doctor es Science" from the university of Grenoble in 1984. He join CEA in 1984 where he was involved in liquid crystal Displays and was in charge of Ferroelectrics SmC* display developments. In 1989 he built a team devoted to laser damage threshold component in Optical Thin film Laboratory of LETI. He developed high damage threshold technology for mirror coating. This technology has been transferred to French Industry for Laser Mega joule application. Since 2000 he is in charge of Carbon Nanotubes developments. His first interest was for field emission applications and now he is focused on High density CNT forest materials for electronic and energy components. He joins the LITEN Nano material Department in 2006. He is director of Research at CEA since 2002. He is the author and co author of around 70 papers and 35 patents

    Dr C.Joachim is Exceptionnal Class Director of Research at the Nanoscience group in CEMES/CNRS (www.cemes.fr/GNS/) and adjunct Professor of Quantum Physics at Sup’Aero (ISAE Toulouse). Since 2005, he is A*STAR VIP at IMRE to develop atomic scale technology in Singapore and since 2008 head of the WPI MANA-NIMS satellite in Toulouse. He coordinated the European projects "Bottom-up Nanomachines" and “Pico-Inside” and currently the European integrated project AtMol (www.atmol.eu) (2011-2014) whose objective is to construct the first ever molecular chip. He is in charge of the Midi-Pyrenees "Nanoscience” program (2007-2013)". He is the author of more than 225 scientific publications (h = 49, 10 700 citations) and has presented more than 330 invited talks on electron transfer through a molecule, STM and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) image calculations, tunnel transport through a molecule, molecular devices, nanolithography, atom technology and single molecule machines. His book: “Nanosciences, the invisible revolution” (Le Seuil (2008), World Scientific (2009)) is giving the history of nanosciences and its political drawbacks to a general public. His recent book “Problèmes de Physique quantique” (Hermann, 2011) diffuse modern quantum physics to a large audience of students. He was awarded in 1991the IBM France Prize for his work on tunnelling through a molecule, in 1997 the Feynman Prize “Experimental” for his work on single molecule manipulation, in 2001 the CNRS Silver Medal in Chemistry for his work on molecular nanosciences, in 2005 the Feynman Prize “Theoretical” for mono-molecular devices. In 2011, he enters the Guinness book for the smallest ever manipulated gear, 1.2 nm in diameter.

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