• CEA-Leti is hosting its first workshop on silicon photonics at MINATEC on Thursday, June 27, 2013.
    Being a key player in Silicon photonics, CEA-Leti has been developing a design, technology and packaging platform for a decade.
    This workshop will explore the latest achievements and address the different challenges that silicon photonics is facing in terms of design, fabrication and packaging.
    It will also feature invited presentations by leaders in silicon photonics applications and technology
  • Program

    9:00 Communication Technology Roadmap status and outcomes
    Lionel Kimerling, MIT
    9:30 Silicon Photonics markets and applications
    Eric Mounier, Yole Développement (Senior Analyst)
    10:00 How could Silicon Photonics solve the bottlenecks in Datacenters and Supercomputers ?
    Patrick Demichel, HP (Senior architect HPC for EMEA at HP)
    10:30 BREAK
    11:00 Design tools for Silicon Photonics
    Alexandre Arriordaz, Mentor Graphics
    11:30 Low power IC design
    Sylvie Menezo, CEA
    12:00 Silicon Photonics for Many-cores architectures in future micro-servers
    Yvain Thonnart, Leti
    12:30 LUNCH BREAK
    14:00 Silicon-based packaged products and solutions
    Yves Painchaud, Teraxion
    14:30 Integration of laser sources on silicon
    Badhise Ben Bakir, Leti
    15:00 300mm CMOS Platform Delivers 25 Gbps /Channel Silicon Photonic Integrated Transceivers
    Charles Baudot, ST (Advanced R&D Staff Engineer / STMicroelectronics Crolles, Silicon Technology Development, Process Integration)
    15:30 BREAK
    16:00 Photonic/electronic integration for High Performance Computing applications
    Bert Offrein, IBM
    16:30 3D integration for silicon photonics
    Yann Lamy, Leti
    17:00 Packaging challenges for next generation Photonics modules
    Stéphane Bernabé, Leti
  • You can consult the list of participants here
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