• CEA-Leti, a leading global research center committed to creating and commercializing innovation in micro- and nanotechnologies, is hosting its fifth workshop on innovative memory technologies at MINATEC on Thursday, June 27, 2013.

    The workshop will explore the latest achievements in semiconductor memory technologies. Topics will range from short-term to long-term memory solutions, including:
    • Floating-gate, charge-trap non-volatile memories for embedded or stand-alone applications.
    • Resistive memory technologies such as phase-change memories, conductive bridging memories, oxide–based memories and magnetic memories.
    • Innovative ideas covering non-volatile logics and bio-inspired architectures.

    The workshop will also feature invited presentations by leaders in the global memory industry.

    To know more about previous editions of the workshop, please visit:
    2010 edition:
    2011 edition:
    2012 edition:

    The workshop occurs just after Leti’s Annual Review. For more information about Leti, visit: http://www.leti.fr/en
  • Program

    9:00 Opening
    09:05 - 10:35 Session 1
    9:05 Yann De Charentenay, Yole Développement
    « Emerging NVM enter niche memory markets; expected to reach $ 2B by 2018. Will NVM eventually replace DRAM and NAND? »
    9:40 Juergen Lohmueller, Bosch
    « Key Requirements and Future of NVM for automotive Application - A view from Quality »
    10:15 Gabriele Navarro, CEA-Leti
    « GeTe-based Phase Change Materials : right alloys for the right applications »
    10:35 Break
    11:00 - 12:30 Session 2
    11:00 Christian Boccaccio, STMicroelectronics
    « Embedded 1T Flash NOR : still alive at 40nm. And beyond? »
    11:35 Alexander Kotov, SST
    « Three generations of Embedded SuperFlash split gate cell: scaling progress and challenges for future technology nodes »
    12:10 Bernard Dieny, CEA-Spintec
    « Downsize scalability of STTRAM to and beyond the 20nm node »
    12:30 Lunch
    14:00 - 15:35 Session 3
    14:00 Paolo Cappelletti, Micron
    « Phase Change Memories Take Their Role in the NVM Arena »
    14:35 Quentin Hubert, CEA-Leti
    « Ti Impact in C-doped Phase-Change Memories compliant to Pb-free soldering reflow »
    14:55 Olivier Thomas, CEA-Leti
    « Design Exploration of Hybrid IC using CMOS and ReRAM technologies »
    15:15 Manan Suri, CEA-Leti
    « Bio-Inspired Computing with Binary Stochastic CBRAM Synapses »
    15:30 Break
    16:00 - 18:10 Session 4
    16:00 Pascal Louis, ALTIS Semiconductor
    « New generation eCBRAM »
    16:35 Elisa Vianello, CEA-Leti
    « Sb-doped GeS2 as performance and reliability booster in Conductive Bridge RAM »
    16:55 Seong Geon Park, Samsung
    « Vertical ReRAM Technology for High Density Non-volatile Memory »
    17:30 Thérèse Diokh, STMicroelectronics
    « Investigation of the Impact of the Oxide Thickness and RESET conditions on Disturb in HfO2-RRAM integrated in a 65nm CMOS »
    17:50 Marc Bocquet, Polytech Marseille, IM2NP
    « Emerging Resistive Memories: Robust Compact Models Development »
    18:10 Conclusions
  • You can consult the list of participants here
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